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Why Do We Use Dental X-Rays?

Dental Radio-graphs, also known as dental x-rays are used for many reasons such as finding hidden dental structures, bone loss and cavities. X-rays help us assess the health of your tooth, jawbone and the progress of your developing teeth.

Types Of Dental X-Rays

There are three types of x-rays we may run depending on the reason for your visit.

Bite-wing X-rays – these show the details of the upper and lower teeth and help detect decay between teeth and changes in bone density. They also help determine the fit of crowns.

Periapical X-rays show the whole tooth. They are used to find irregularities below the gum line.

Occlusion X-Rays show full tooth development and placement. They are also used to find teeth which have not broken through the gum yet.

Brunswick Clover Dental X ray