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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions & Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth can sometimes become ‘impacted’ as a result of a lack of space in the jaw for the teeth to appear. Having impacted wisdom teeth can be a very painful experience and sometimes the wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth removal or wisdom teeth extraction can help relive the pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. Our dentists in Brunswick are experts at wisdom tooth removal and can provide you with a comfortable experience with minimal pain.

If you require Wisdom Tooth Extraction or even general tooth extractions, contact the friendly team at Clover Dental today! Call now on 03 9380 1107

Why Are Extractions Required?

There are a few reasons tooth extractions are necessary, such as tooth decay, gum disease, extensive cracks, poor positioning or orthodontic treatments.

At Clover Dental extractions are always our last option and where possible we will try to save the tooth first, however sometimes this is not always possible.

Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Our extractions are completed in a simple process

  1. Firstly we will complete a thorough examination including x-rays to determine the root location and formation, as well as the density of the supporting bone.
  2. We will then thoroughly discuss and explain the best treatment option for you such as implants, fixed bridges or dentures. We take the time to explain the benefits and details of your available treatments in order to help you decide on an option that best suits you.
  3. With your consent we will proceed with the tooth extraction using a local anesthetic so you won’t feel a thing.
  4. We provide gentle dentistry to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Contact us today.
Brunswick Clover Dental Tooth Extraction

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