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6 Signs you need to call your dentist



Healthy dental conditions are necessary for a happy and healthy life. There’s nothing worse than being in pain or finding out you need to have a tooth removed and that you could have prevented it if you called your dentist sooner. Below, you can read all about the six common signs that mean you need to call your dentist right away!

What dental conditions require a dentist’s attention

1. Tooth Pain

Although you might think that’s it’s obvious to go to your dentist when you experience tooth pain, you’d also be surprised by how many people avoid going to the dentist when their teeth hurt. Temporary pain may be caused by jaw problems, sinus infections, or ear infections. As a general rule, if your tooth pain lasts longer than a few days, you should pay a visit to your dentist.


2. Bleeding Gums

In truth, a lot of people have bleeding gums and they ignore it. While bleeding gums can be caused by brushing your teeth too hard, you should be aware that they may be a sign of gingivitis or something more serious. In extreme cases, bleeding gums can lead to tooth loss and gum decay or receding gums. You may also develop an abscess due to food getting caught between your gums and teeth.

3. Bad Breath

If you have bad breath that lasts throughout the day, it may be a symptom of gum disease, infection or gingivitis. You’ll know if you do because you’ll have bad breath despite brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth during the day.

4. Tooth Sensitivity

You should pay attention to what your teeth are telling you; if your teeth are more sensitive than usual, you should definitely go to your dentist. Increased tooth sensitivity can be a sign of common issues like cavities to issues that worsen over time like your tooth enamel wearing down, receding gums or worse, gum disease.


You should be aware of your surroundings, though. If, for example, your area is experiencing especially low temperatures and your body hasn’t adjusted to it, you can actually expect to have more sensitive gums.


5. A Popping Jaw or Earaches

This could be a sign of an underlying issue with your jaw and your dentist will be able to identify it. Letting your jaw continue to pop will cause problems later on and will undoubtedly cause your jaw’s joint to wear down over time.


6. Wounds That Don’t Heal

If you have a wound in your mouth and you’re noticing that it isn’t healing, you should definitely have it checked by your dentist. That’s because it could be a sign of an underlying issue and it could be a sign that you have excess bacteria in your mouth. These kinds of issues are not to be taken lightly if the problem is rooted in bacteria or infection it can spread and cause increasingly severe symptoms.


Dental problems like the above are not likely to heal on their own; a hole in your tooth or receding gum will not grow back and dental diseases left undiagnosed can worsen and cause severe health conditions. The bottom line is if you are ever in doubt or experience any out-of-the-ordinary appearances or sensations in your mouth, your safest bet is to contact a reliable dental professional like Clover Dental. We are proud to be the best dentist in Brunswick.

We provide a wide range of services to clients of all ages in Melbourne’s inner north and surrounding suburbs. If you have any questions about any of the above symptoms, call our team today.

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