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Your teeth are a prized possession that deserves care and attention. While food is an essential nutritional intake, some food and drinks can cause damage to your teeth. When seeking better oral health, your food is a major determinant that you should pay adequate attention to. When you eat right and take enough water, your teeth will be healthier and you won’t be burdened with cavities and painful holes in your enamel.

Food and drinks damage

Here is our list of food and drinks that you should cut down on your consumption of, as they can cause great damage to your teeth.

  • Sugary food and sweets: If you have a sweet tooth, this guilty-pleasure habit can cause serious damage to your teeth. When you eat starchy food, you produce acids that act on your enamel(the white part of your teeth). If you persist in your habit, there will be more cavities and holes in your teeth. Which are both painful and discomforting. You can help your teeth stay healthier by reducing the amount of sugary food you take and introducing vegetables and fruits to your menu. Also, improve your daily water intake, water will help in rinsing your teeth of sugary items stuck in between your teeth. You may also decide to supervise your kids to control their sugar consumption and ensure their oral safety.
  • Citric fruits and juices: This might sound strange but too much consumption of your favorite citric fruit juice can harm your teeth. This is because they contain high amounts of vitamin C. This increases the acidity of bacteria in your mouth and ultimately damages your enamel. To stay safe and avoid the agony of holes in your teeth, opt for a healthier menu, incorporating citrus fruits or juices into your meal sometimes. Also, remember to drink plenty of water after taking a glass of your favorite orange juice.
  • Caffeine: Your daily need for a caffeine recharge might just be harming you. Caffeinated drinks are another dangerous drink for your teeth. When you drink coffee constantly, over time you discover yellowish stains on your teeth. Coffee also contains a compound called Tannins; which can erode your enamel and cause the production of plagues on your teeth. Plagues on your teeth can increase the growth of bacteria and lead to periodontal disease and cavities. To stay on the safe side, avoid adding too much sugar to your drink and drink enough water after a cup. Use a recommended toothpaste for your teeth stains or visit a dentist for comprehensive dental care.
  • Wine: If you enjoy laying back after a long day at work and enjoying a glass of wine, you probably had no idea how harmful your harmless nightly habit may be to your teeth. Whether you prefer white or red wine, there is the danger of harming your teeth with the erosive acid contained in wines. Also, teeth discoloration is another harm that is likely to follow, as your enamel is being destroyed, there is room for other bacteria to enter and wreak havoc. Always ensure you brush and floss after your habitual glass of wine or you can decide to substitute the wine with water for better oral health.
  • Ice: The enamel is the hardest part of your teeth, however, you can get your tooth cracked or broken when you eat ice. It is best to take water in its liquid form to avoid such complications. This is especially true for children who are careless and pay little to oral health. Apart from destroying the enamel and opening your teeth up to cavities and decay, it can also destroy dental aids such as braces. Always ensure you melt your ice water to a liquid form and ensure you supervise your kids while they take ice so they don’t chew it.
  • Tomato sauce: A healthy meal of Pasta and tomato sauce can be dangerous to your teeth. Tomatoes are highly acidic and thus can erode the enamel and give room for bacteria penetration. The carbs in pasta also increase acid-acting bacteria in your mouth that will make you prone to cavities or embarrassing holes. Endeavor drinking enough water after the meal and brushing your teeth.
  • Dried fruits: I know how you think dried fruits are healthy options compared to sugary snacks but strangely they possess the same ability to inflict harm to your teeth. The sticky texture of dried fruits will enable the sugar content to sit on your teeth for a long time. The more time these bacteria get to sit on your teeth, the more deadly their attack on your enamel and the possibility of tooth decay. Also, sticky dried fruits can affect braces or other dental aids and cause serious issues, especially in kids. Rather than opt for dried fruits for your kids, you can substitute for water or ask your dentist for a safer option.
  • Soft drinks: Soft drinks are great options when you don’t want to drink alcohol but are they any safer for your teeth? Soft drinks are packed with acids like phosphorus and citric which are both dangerous to your enamel and increase the activities of bacteria which will lead to cavities and decay in the long run. Another disadvantage of soft drinks is the drying effect it gives on your mouth. A dry mouth is dangerous to your teeth as the inner tooth layer(dentine) is more prone to decay with the protection of your saliva. You can improve your oral health by cutting down your intake of soft drinks, drinking enough water daily, and ensuring you don’t have a dry mouth.
  • White Bread: White bread is yet another simple food that causes great damage to your teeth. This is because its starchy component makes it sticky when eaten and while it sits on your teeth, it presents the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to feed on and cause damage to your teeth. Rather than eliminating bread from your menu, you can choose to eat it on a few occasions. Always remember to floss your teeth after eating and drinking enough water to keep your mouth wet.

Wrapping up

Oral health is an invaluable investment anyone can make. The pain of developing cavities and holes in your teeth is little compared to the embarrassment of battling tooth decay. Taking great care of your teeth is not an option; it is an everyday necessity.

When you are confused about the right diet to maintain your oral health, you can visit a dentist for a dental check-up that will expose any inherent possibility of cavities, holes, or tooth decay. If you are unsure where to get the best treatment, visit your local Brunswick dentist, Clover Dental.

We are a team of professional dentists with the skills and perfect state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide gentle dentistry and offer the most relaxing and comforting sessions. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from children’s dentistry, cosmetics dentistry, extraction, restorative dentistry, and other dental services.

We service Melbourne especially Brunswick and surrounding suburbs which include but are not limited to Coburg, Parkville, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, and Carlton North. You can talk to us about your dental needs on 03 9380 1107 or send us an email at info@cloverdental.com.au. To book an online appointment today, you can start right here.

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