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The teeth are an invaluable asset for your health and general wellbeing. Your oral health is essential and should be taken seriously. One of the damages your teeth can suffer includes your wisdom teeth being impacted. Impactation in the oral sphere refers to an abnormality where your third molars disrupts and begins to grow into your gums or jaws. It can be a very painful and uncomfortable situation and one you should endeavour to avoid.

Just like your body, your teeth can go through major changes especially during the adolescent age. One common change that might manifest at this stage is the appearance of the third molars, commonly referred to as the wisdom teeth. This phenomenon usually takes place from the ages of seventeen to twenty five, alluding to its name. it is important to note that the wisdom teeth come with diverse oral challenges, hence it is essential to understand signs of an impacted wisdom teeth.

There are several types of wisdom teeth impaction, if you are looking for the right kid dentist to gauge your child’s wisdom teeth impaction or simply want to understand what wisdom teeth impaction truly is, then you need to keep reading.


As you go through adolescence to adulthood, one of the key attentions you need to pay to your body includes a check on your teeth. Your oral health is an important routine that should not be neglected. Wisdom teeth refer to your third molars that appear at the turn of adulthood. It can be fully impacted when it is completely hidden underneath your gum or semi impacted when you can see most of the tooth while the rest is erupted.

Another factor to consider when considering whether your wisdom teeth are impacted is the tissue impaction. A hard tissue impaction will cause your teeth to be totally covered by your gums or jawbones while a soft tissue impaction will only have your teeth disrupt but not completely covered by your gums or jawbones.

Your wisdom teeth can also be non-impacted if it is completely visible and above the gum line. One of the recommendations a kid dentist will offer in such situation is a removal or extraction of the erring tooth. This is often advised as it is easier to do so at the early stage rather than wait for the future. Performing a surgical removal is also commendable as the tissues around the teeth are soft and the healing process is shorter than in older patients.

Wisdom teeth impaction


Mesial impaction describes the positioning when your wisdom tooth is angled to the front of your mouth. On the other hand, distal impaction occurs when your wisdom tooth is angled toward the back of your mouth. The wisdom tooth is said to have a vertical impactionwhen it is in the right position for eruption, but it’s still trapped inside your gums. While horizontal impaction is when your wisdom tooth is lying totally on its side, buried underneath your gums.


Wisdom teeth impaction differs according to the positioning of the teeth in the mouth. A regular visit to the dentist will help you discover if your wisdom teeth are impacted and the necessity of a removal, if need be. Here are some of the signs to look out for when checking for impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Bad breath (halitosis): one of the signs that you might have impacted wisdom teeth is presence of bad breath, commonly referred in the oral health sphere as halitosis. If you have a nasty breath that doesn’t seem to go away, it could be an indicator that you have impacted wisdom teeth. A dental x-ray can provide proof and show the position of the teeth in the case where it is the cause.
  • Swollen or bleeding gums: because impacted wisdom teeth occur as a result of lack of space to grow in the mouth, it can lead to swollen or bleeding gums. This is also true in events where the teeth has disrupted and is now completely hidden inside the jawbones or gums. If your gums are swollen or bleeding, you should see a dentist to figure out if it is because of an impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth: This is another sign you can tick off your box if you are considering visiting a dentist to check for an impacted wisdom tooth. Unpleasant taste in the mouth occurs from the discomfort in a disrupted tooth. Also, it is hard to clean the impacted tooth and this could be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and food particles. When these remnants stay for a while in your mouth, they can produce a weird unpleasant sour taste.
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth: another sign that could point at a possible impacted wisdom tooth is finding it hard to open your mouth due to accompanying pains. This could largely stem from the disruption of the gum and its burial into your jaws. You can find a solution to this by visiting a North Fitzroy dentist today.


  • Opt for a tooth removal: if your impacted wisdom teeth are giving you headaches, bad breath or pain around your jaw area, you should think of having it removed. This is to ensure you are protected as well as saved the hassle of dealing with various oral diseases.
  • Visit your dentist regularly: just like every other part of the body, the teeth deserve care and proper attention. If you are a parent, you should consider visiting a dentist often with your kids to find out if they have an impacted wisdom tooth and begin a removal process early enough. Clover Dental is a dedicated family dentistry service that will ensure your child receives the best oral care.


Whether you have fully impacted teeth or a semi impacted teeth, there is need to maintain great oral care. You should also consider a removal at the early stage to ensure that you heal faster and avoid other accompanying oral challenges such as bad breath, tooth decay or gum diseases.

A regular visit to the dentist at your formative age may save you lots of oral toothache in the future. A good kid dentist would be able to identify if your wisdom teeth are impacted and offer a lasting solution to such oral challenge. Clover Dental is a good place to visit if you need the right dentist to handle your child’s impacted wisdom teeth. We are a team of seasoned dental practitioners who respect and cater for patients of all ages. We offer comprehensive dentistry services and follow through with preventive measure for our patients to care for their teeth.

Your children will benefit from our exceptional service; we are skilled at making the dental visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you want to extract an impacted wisdom tooth, do a routine dental check or seek preventive measures to your oral health, Clover Dental is your best choice, as a local family owned dentist in Brunswick. We are interested in making the visit to the dentist relaxing and worthwhile. Our dental practice is based in the inner northern suburban of Brunswick. We service Brunswick and its surrounding suburbs. You can visit us today at shop 4, 1 Lygon street, Brunswick VIC 3056. You can also shoot us an email at info@cloverdental.com.au or make your enquiries by calling 03 9380 1107.

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