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Everything is new and worrisome for a first-time parent. Since they do not have prior experience, they get confused about the little things regarding their child. That is a pretty typical response, and they can eventually learn about the things they need to know. If you are also a first-time parent, let this article answer your question about your baby and their teeth. When is the best time to bring them to the dentist? Here are the essential details you should know.

When Should You Bring Your Child To The Dentist?

According to the Australian Dental Association, it would be best to bring your child to the dentist before they turn one year old. That is precisely six months after their first tooth appears. Although your kid may not have their complete set of teeth by this time, their dentist can already check the condition of their gums and the tissue underneath. They can already assess whether your child has defected tooth enamel which could later affect their teeth’ growth. 

Why Bringing Your Kid To The Dentist Early Is Important

Besides the early check-up, you and your child can also get many other benefits from visiting the dentist early. These include:

1. Getting To Know Your Kid’s Dentist

Visiting the dentist as early as possible would help make you and your child more comfortable with them. When your child becomes familiar with the dentist, it could eliminate their fear for one and make every subsequent appointment more manageable. Familiarity works, and it can make everyone involved more comfortable as they do their job. 

For the parents, it is also the chance to witness how the dentist works with your kid. Take this opportunity to ask questions and clarify things to give you peace and confidence. 

2. Avoiding Dental Fears

Since there is not much to do in their mouth while they are young, the first few appointments would be mostly about casual chats and the regular checking of the mouth condition. There is not much reason for them to get scared or feel threatened. Meeting their dentist at an early age is the best way to introduce your child to the concept and importance of dentistry and dental hygiene.

The experience would be different if you would only bring them to the dentist upon their need to take out a hurting tooth or have already experienced an oral health problem. When that happens, they can immediately associate the dentist with their unfortunate condition. 

3. Monitoring Your Child’s Tooth Growth

Although your kid’s first set of teeth is not their permanent set yet, it is still crucial to assess their development over time. The last thing you want is to put your child in great pain or risk just because you did not take their first teeth growth seriously.

The more important thing here is knowing the quality of teeth that your child could grow while they are still young. Some mothers have pregnancy difficulties that could affect their child’s teeth and development. Seeing early warning signs of problems can help the dentist know what they can do to improve your child’s teeth condition.

first visit to the dentist for a child
Happy child at the dentist.


A regular visit to the dentist is helpful for everyone. The dentist can prevent and solve any dental issues before they cause significant problems. When you have your annual checkup, your dentist can detect cavities and fix other issues later. The earlier your kid gets familiar with the routine, the faster they can get used to the experience. More importantly, it is a necessary habit that should be embedded in your child’s lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a trusted kid’s dentist in Carlton, you can visit us at Clover Dental. Our dentists help patients of all ages solve any problems with their teeth, gums, and more. Contact us today! 

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