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If you or someone you know is grinding their teeth, you’re likely aware that this isn’t good for your overall dental health. Still, some aren’t aware of how exactly this affects them and how they can stop grinding their teeth. Below, we’ve mapped out how teeth grinding can have a negative impact on your life and what you can do to stop it.

How Does It Start?

There are many theories about why individuals grind their teeth. Some theories claim that the tongue swells during the night, which can cause airway issues. Teeth grinding may be a way for the body to clear up airways.

Teeth grinding may also be caused by sleep apnea, problems with jaw position, and overall dental problems. If you (or your child) are grinding your teeth, you should consult a dental professional to assess any potential damage and talk about treatment options.


What Are The Effects Of Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding can cause problems with your overall health. Because of the way it affects your jaw, you might experience headaches, damage the structure of your teeth by wearing them down, sensitive teeth, damage to your face’s structure, etc.

If you think you might grind your teeth at night, you might be experiencing the following symptoms: headaches, gum recession, sensitive teeth, or cracked teeth. This is because teeth grinding can cause a significant amount of pressure and stress on your teeth.

How Can You Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

If you or someone you know grinds their teeth at night, they will likely have to be followed through a sleep study. During this study, doctors will be able to determine if the teeth grinding is caused by an airway issue.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for those who grade their teeth. Everyone has a different degree of tooth decay and everyone has their own reasons as to why they grind their teeth at night.

If it’s discovered that the reason for the teeth grinding is a disrupted airway, your doctor may be able to open your airway to stop the teeth grinding. For some people, a drastic change in lifestyle is needed.

Some patients will need to change their diet, posture, medication, or go through emotional therapy. In severe cases, individuals may need to go through surgery.

If the cause of your teeth grinding is figured out, the damage to your teeth likely won’t be long-term. For some, wearing a mouth guard is an easy way to stop teeth grinding. A mouth guard can remove some of the pressure from your teeth during the night. Not only this, but your teeth will grind against the mouth guard rather than against your other teeth.

If your teeth grinding is caused by a misaligned jaw or teeth, a mouth guard will also help to end this.


Teeth grinding over long periods of time is known for being dangerous for your overall health. It wears down your teeth and hurts your jaw when you wake up in the morning. To stop grinding your teeth, you might want to schedule an appointment with a dental professional for a dental assessment.

If you have any more questions about how teeth grinding can affect your overall health, feel free to contact Clover Dental today to speak with a professional. Our team of dentists service Melbourne, especially Brunswick and surrounding areas. We are always happy to talk to new clients and address any concerns you may have about your dental health.

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